Your gift to the ABCD helps the Church here in South Florida to walk with the poor as their friend.

We are the Church.

The church, Like God’s love, extends far beyond its doors bring Christ to you, wherever you are.


The fund helps us support the following:

SPIRITUAL FORMATION –  the church seeks to satisfy the thirst of its members to know and understand the catholic faith.

PRIEST AND SEMINARIANS – our priests are an integral part of our catholic life, dedicated to a life of service to the people of God.

CULTURAL MINISTRIES – the gospel is proclaimed, celebrated, and lived by many people of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the archdiocese.

FUNDING FOR THE POOR – the needs of the poor and hungry among us represent an opportunity for the archdiocese of Miami to minister as Christ instructed.

Faces of Faith and Hope


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Past Messages from Father Nathan

From The Desk Of Father Nathan | May 16, 2021

From The Desk Of Father Nathan | May 16, 2021

Praying a rosary has been a tradition in the Church for a long time. Praying the rosary is such a powerful means to reach Jesus. The rosary is the vehicle for Mary to intercede to her Son Jesus. It’s an extremely powerful weapon and Catholics need to hold it in their pocket at times.

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