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Set-up Online Giving for Weekly Offeratory or Parish Maintenance or Both!

Thank you for supporting the St Gabriel Parish and the Catholic community!

If you would like to setup online giving to our parish, whether it be a one time payment or a recurring payment, please fill out the form below.

(If the form does not appear instantly please allow a few moments for it to load).

10 Reason’s to Try Online Giving

  1. Online giving makes it easy to be an intentional giver. Online giving allows you to add tithing to your monthly budget.  This eliminates the dreaded moment you realize you left your envelope on the kitchen counter and now you are scrambling looking through your wallet for cash.
  2. Online giving feels good.  We all know how good it feels to give and when you can budget for your gifts and give intentionally you feel great knowing you supported the important work of the church.
  3. Online giving helps you create a giving plan. When planning your budget it’s much easier to include online giving next to monthly bills like the cable bill and the mortgage because you are planning for it.
  4. Online giving simplifies taxes.  you’ll always have a record of what you are giving electronically, so you’ll always have access to that information.  No more paper forms that get misplaced at tax time.
  5. No more checks or cash.  Many of us now pay all our bills online and many of us only use our debit cards, and carry little or no cash.  so again if you couldn’t find the checkbook or forgot your envelop you are scrambling for your offertory.
  6. Online giving reduces stress.  Never worry about forgetting your envelope, writing a check or going to the bank for cash.
  7. Online giving puts you the control. You decide what to give and on what schedule.  And making changes is super easy as well.
  8. Online giving is good for our parish. Because online giving is automatic, even when you’re on vacation or you’re just too sick to get out, or out-of-town for the season you can still continue your support of the parish.
  9. Online giving helps the parish plan. When events like tropical storms and other acts of God and we are forced to cancel Mass the church misses out on our gifts.  That can create a serious financial hole for the parish.
  10. Online giving helps the parish to be good stewards of your hard-earned gifts.  Just like you budget for bills at home the church must do the same to meet all our obligations.  With online giving, it is easier to know what is coming in from week to week.

Traditional Giving Isn’t Going Away

Traditional baskets are not going away and you are encouraged to continue using your envelopes (no cash or check required) as a physical act of returning a portion of God’s blessing back to the church.

To help with that, the parish provides cards at the entrances so that parishioners who give online can participate with a symbolic act of bringing their gifts to the altar during the offertory.

For more information about online giving contact the Parish Office.

Are Your Registered in the Parish?

If Not Please Consider Registering.

All Parishioners (even part-time) are encouraged to register.


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