From the Desk of Father Nathan

St Gabriel Catholic Church | Pompano Beach
God Bless You All

A Message from Father Nathan

My dearest people who are all close to my heart
Lots of love, blessings, and prayers to you all.

Thank You For your Full Participation During Holy Week!

I have to begin with the statement that I am extremely delighted and happy because you all came and appreciated a meaningful liturgy one or many days during the Holy Week Masses. When you are all happy that makes me happy. I am here ONLY to minister to you to take you to the Lord and to help lead you to Christ.


I appreciate and applaud all those who toiled all the days of Lent, such as the extraordinary communion ministers, lectors, servers, the choir, the tech team and the ushers, and everyone else that helped our people prepare. Each and every one of you did your best and made our people enjoy the liturgy. God bless you all!

I would like to acknowledge a few of them, even though I know that you may not want me to, – thank you to Mary Lou Soucy for coordinating all the ministry of the liturgy; Anthony Brogna for everything he does for the church and for me; Michele Greene, Lillian DiStasio, Mirelle De Fatima Wittig, Giovanna Tuttobene, and Kathy Duet for the decorating of the church during Holy Week; and the whole crew with Terry Guthke and the members of the St. Vincent dePaul for their white glove treatment of the church before the Holy Week liturgy. Thank you! May God bless you all.

All your appreciation and compliments go only to our people. They did it so that we may have a meaningful liturgy. Let us praise God. For anyone that would like to give of your time or talent to the church, please reach out to me. Soon we are going to have an Appreciation Dinner for all the volunteers.

We have lots of wonderful people who would do anything for the good of our community. It is good that we appreciate and acknowledge their hard work.

May God bless each and every one of you. May the Risen Christ continue to bless and guide us.

God bless you all.

With lots of love and blessings,

Ever wanting to be faithful to your service,

— Fr. Sahayanathan Nathan

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