From the Desk of Father Nathan

St Gabriel Catholic Church | Pompano Beach
God Bless You All

A Message from Father Nathan

My dearest people who are all close to my heart!
Lots of love, blessings, and prayers to you all.

Divine Mercy Sunday. 

As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”
And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them,
“Receive the Holy Spirit.
Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them,
and whose sins you retain are retained.”

Jn 20:21-23

I am extremely delighted and so very grateful to God for His blessing he has bestowed on me with wonderful people here in our parish! I have received so many compliments from various people regarding Holy Week.

I was pushing myself to have a meaningful liturgical celebration. As we know, the Holy Mother Church gives us a chance to witness this once a year; hence, I wanted our people to experience that holy experience – I believe it helped to a greater extent. I am delighted about it and no doubt, it was a group endeavor.

Thank you to all who gave their time & Talent

Many had toiled it with their time and talent to put it all together. Praise be to God! Personally, I would like to appreciate and congratulate Ms. Mary Lou Soucy for coordinating the extraordinary communion ministers, lectors, and tech people. She has done a great job.

Thank you again to Deacon Bill and Karen for returning to assist.

To our parishioners: Angela Kerr, Doris Montaquila, Malcolm and Georgette Meikle, Mary Ann and Richard Petronio, Michele Greene, Pat Galvin, Phil Reilly, Terry Guthke, F.X. Garland, Maureen Hussian, Peggy Keating, Anthony Brogna, Mary Lou Ruderman, and Patricia Corea.

To the decorating group in the hall and the church under the leadership of Ruth Dunnigan and Mary Lou Ruderman who had done a beautiful job. Everyone appreciated it.

God bless you all!

I would like to thank Mr. John Wohlford for chairing the liturgy committee. The choir was of great assistance as well. May God bless them.

I would like to thank and appreciate our maintenance man Mr. Francisco Aquirre for his extraordinary commitment. He is very much committed to any of the tasks asked of him. God bless him.

God bless you all.

Next year with the grace of God, we will try to do better. May God bless us and guide us.

God bless you all.

With lots of love and blessing.

Ever at your service.

—Fr. Sahayanathan Nathan


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