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God Bless You All

From the Desk of Father Nathan | July 12, 2020

A Message from Father Nathan

My dearest people who are all close to my heart!

Prayerful Greetings!

I hope you guys are safe and healthy…..

Staying Healthy

It extremely bothers me when I hear the news that the numbers are continuing to rise in South Florida. 

No doubt we are all extremely blessed with wonderful gifts from God, the beaches, ocean, and sunshine.  No doubt, it’s a gift. 

It looks like we don’t use it now more responsibly. And I believe that is the reason, they say the numbers are spiking. 

Whatever may be the reasons, please may I request you take good care of your health.  Please do so.  Life is one of the choicest gift of God, let us safeguard it and make good use of it more responsibly.  Please take care of it. 

I am reminded of my wise liturgy professor’s favorite statement “ if you want to change the world, change yourself first….let that start from you”.  I believe it’s so true.  Let us be responsible and let us be so concerned about other than me…and me…..and meeeeee.

 Greetings From Father Tony

Lots of love and prayerful greetings to all of you from Fr. Tony…he misses you all as you do him.  Let us continue to hold each other in our prayers.  As we are blessed now with spending time in our home,  please deposit your time in praying for each other…


I wanted to quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

“Intercessory prayer is the purifying bath into which the individual and community must enter every day”. 

Prayer can do anything that God can do.  So, let us pray… If you have no one to pray for, please pray for me. I always repeat to my people “if you like me, praise the Lord: if you don’t like me, please pray for me” whatever the case please pray for me.  Please add me to your most valuable prayers.

There is a rosary group in our parish, they do pray for our parish.  Wonderful people. May God bless them, please if you have any concerns or prayer requests please let them know, so they can add them in their prayers.

Please continue your financial support of the parish.  It’s easy to give online or send your envelope to the office.  We need your support.

Finally please remember and pray for our Archbishop as well.  As we are all well aware, the situation is not so good, to lead and shepherd the Diocese in the most difficult time is not easy.  But he is phenomenal in handling the situation. Please add him also in your prayers

– With lots of love and blessing,
Ever at your service.


—Fr. Sahayanathan Nathan


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