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God Bless You All

From the Desk of Father Nathan | October 18, 2020

A Message from Father Nathan

My dearest people who are all close to my heart!

My Recent Retreat

I had a very good and enriching experience on my recent retreat. I love the priestly company during these times of course. Two of my favorite priests were also on the retreat which made it a little more special. As I told you – I was able to pray for all of you.

Thank You to our Music Ministry | Mr. Andrew Reid and Ani Kambur 

What a wonderful time. Praise be to God! Mr. Andrew Reid and Ani Kambur have the past year has lent a helping hand to our people to pray. I want to extend my appreciation to them and thank them for the wonderful job that they continue to render to our church community. Music was one of the main concerns I had received immediately when I arrived here. He has helped me tremendously to integrate it into the Mass. Andrew is an informed, talented, and humble soul. God bless him. May the Good Lord assist both of them to help us to participate and pray better.

Thoughts on Our upcoming Election

Now, at the election time, many of you have come to me and asked me ‘WHY DON’T THE BISHOPS TALK ABOUT WHOM TO VOTE? ARE THEY AFRAID”? It’s so true we need a government to role and govern us. The Church cannot though, stand or be the voice of the people in politics. It should think and be a voice like Christ. There is no compromise on this. As the official Church, it cannot categorically point out a party to vote for, then it becomes party politics.

The Church would NEVER do that. Also is NOT the right thing to do. Now, as you and I are members of the Church, we need to know what the stand of the Church is, what values that it holds true are, and what the beliefs that it supports are. Whichever person(s) or party that in turn matches these values, then I believe, we need to consider and vote for.

So, please vote. That’s most important.

Above all, please let us continue to pray for our nation so that we all may live in peace and harmony

With love and blessings,

Ever at your service.


—Fr. Sahayanathan Nathan


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