Happy Father’s Day



For the man who gave me life, I thank you, Lord.
For the wonderful man, we call Dad.
For his joking his eternal optimism, the joy he sheds, the friends he’s always made.
For the home, he provided for us.
For the courage and determination with which he bucked the world for his family
Dear Lord, for this father I thank you this wonderful dad.
I thank you for the lessons he taught us:

To be honest – never to take so much as a postage stamp.

To be brave – that so long as you did right you had nothing to fear.

To believe in yourself, because you’re often the only one who will.

To be grateful, to appreciate little things. A bucket of cold water, from the well, a tart red apple, a bird on a telephone wire.

For these lessons, dear Lord, I thank you. I am glad that of all the men you might have chosen, It was he who brought me into being. Thank you for this father Lord. Thank you for this man we call Dad


God our Father,

In your wisdom and love, you made all things.

Bless our father.

Let the example of his faith and love shine forth.

Grant that we, his family,

May honor him always

With a spirit of profound respect.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.



How We See our Fathers As We Grow Older


4 years old:  — My daddy can do anything

5 years old — My daddy knows a whole lot

6 years old — My daddy is smarter than your dad

8 years old — My dad doesn’t know exactly everything

10 years old — In the old days when my dad grew up, things were sure different

12 years old — Oh, well, naturally Father doesn’t know anything about that. He too old to remember his childhood

14 years old — Don’t pay any attention to my father. too old fashioned

21years old  — My Lord, he is so out- of –date!

25 years old — Dad knows a little bit about it but he should he has been around along time.

30 years old — Maybe we should ask dad he has a lot of experience

35 years old — I’m not doing a single thing until I talk with Dad.

40 years — I wonder how Dad would handle it. He is so wise and had a lot of experience 50 years — I’d give anything if Dad were here now so I could talk with him. He was so smart!


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