Military Honor Roll

St Gabriel Catholic Church | Pompano Beach
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Military honor Roll | St. Gabriel Catholic Church | Pompano Beach, Florida

Military Honor Roll | St. Gabriel


Important notice:

At long last, the Men’s Club is moving ahead with its plans for the Military Honor Roll. The formal Dedication Ceremony will take place on August 15, 2020, after the 4 PM Mass and August 16, 2020, after the 11 AM Mass.

The names that were submitted for inclusion on the Honor Roll are available for final proofreading in two places.

1) On the Bulletin Board in the back of the church, and 2)or on this page.  Click here to proof. If you submitted a name, please check the list on or before July 6th.

If there are any changes please get in touch with Joe Barcheski 954-803-9363 or e-mail ASAP.

The list of names will be submitted for engraving on the Brass Plaques on July 7th.

* Indicates that the warrior was Killed in Action. The asterics will be replaced with a Star on the Honor Roll.

Leslie C. Seward Jr.
Navy – WWII, Pacific

Frederick Max Richter
Army – Italy *

Ernest J. Buchacher
Navy – WWII, Pacific

Michael A. Laurano
Navy – WWII, Guam

Malcolm Meikle
Army – WWII, Battle of the Bulge

Thomas L. Hensey
Army – WWII, Pacific

Florence C. Frey Badia, RN
Navy – WWII, St. Albins Hosp.

Louis J. Correri
Army – WWII, Korea

John J. Carroll
Navy – WWII, NAS Wildwood, NJ

Alfred J. Dezenzo
Army – WWII, Europe

Earl R. Vietmeier
Army – WWII, Europe, Africa

Patrick Purcell

Helen Kapral-Spaich
Navy – Great Lakes

Victor J. Pucci
Army – WWII, Europe

Lido J. Ghezzi
Navy – USS Whipple

Andrew Buglione
Army – WWII, Europe

Arthur T. Ciano
Army – WWII, Europe

Joseph V. Marsiello
Army – Asiatic Pacific

Albert S. Marcantonio
Army – WWII, Ft. Dix, NJ

Joseph C. Ambriano
Army – WWII, Germany

Anthony J. DiStasio
Army – Korea

Michael DiFiore
USAF – England

Harold McGrath
Navy – Korea/ USS New Jersey

Joseph Canty
Army – Germany

Frank A. Migliorelli
Army – HQ, Governors Is.

Bernard Kelley
USAF – Air Defense Command

Robert F. Cotrones
Army – Korea

Ernest W. Reid
USMC – Nova Scotia

Joseph G. Maiuro
Army – Korea

Joe E. Rogers
Army – Ft. Holabird, MD

Robert L. DeMichiell
USCG – Alaska

Thomas D. Combs Jr.
USCG – Vietnam

Anthony Spaich
Army – WWII, Europe

Donald Lesnick

Norman J. Kerr
Army – Gernany

Antonio Sannasardo
Army – Germany

Vincent Tennariello
USAF – England/Germany

Stanley Turon
Navy – NATO N. Atlantic

John T. Macca Sr.
Army – Ft. Sam Hoston, TX

John L. Puls
USMC- Middle East

Nelmo A. Frateschu
Navy – Atlantic Fleet

Raymond H. Gillen
Navy – USS Saratoga

Thomas Ettz
Navy – USS Saratoga

Fred Storch
Army – Ft. Knox, TN

lynden Wordell
USAF – Vietnam

Warren Barrow
USAF – Germany

David Connelly
Army – France

Dennis A. Cross
Army/NYFD – Vietnam/FDNY 9-11*

Russell F. Kozak
USAF – Europe

Phillip Mrozinski
Navy – 6th Fleet

Henry P. Lesburt
Army – Europe/Asia

Jimmy Keck
USAF – Vietnam

James P. McPhillips
Army – Vietnam

John J. McGraw
Army – Reserves

James P. Quigley
USAF/USMC – Far East/Europe

Thomas C. White
USMC – Vietnam

Michael McGoldrish
Army – Vietnam*

Lucian Guasto
Navy – Atlantic Sub Fleet

Russell Blatz
Army – Vietnam*

L. Alan Westphal
Army – Reserve Duty

Jim Stein
Navy – Vietnam

Paul Fecteau
Army – Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

James Tedrick
Army – Vietnam

Anthony Pucci
USMC – Vietnam

Robert O. Kuhfuss

Andrew Diedling
USMC – Central America

Alfred Drucker

Michae Fritts
Navy – USS Enterprise

Gary Fritts
USAF – Bosnia

Michelle Greene
Army – Reserves

Thomas Max Mustico
USAF – Iraq

Jamie DeGale
Navy Medic – Persian Gulf

Adam Lincoln Kerr
USCG – Washington DC

Victor Guido
USAF – Kuwait

Stephen M. Okray
Army – Iraq*

Jonathan K. Peney
Army – Afghanistan*

Michael Paul

Jultana DeJohn
USMC – England

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