From the Desk of Father Nathan

St Gabriel Catholic Church | Pompano Beach
God Bless You All

A Message from Father Nathan

My dearest people who are all close to my heart!
Lots of love, blessings, and prayers to you all.

Happy New Year!

May God bless us in his mercy.

As this year comes to an end, I recall all of the great things that you have brought me. Thank you for such amazing love and friendship. I can’t wait for what is to come in the New Year 2022!!

At this time of year in 2021, it is important to remember who has helped me and you through hardships and lifted you up during your obstacles. Thank you for all of the endless love. I cannot thank you enough – to so many of you for your love and for sharing your time and talents with me and our church.

I lift you to the Lord. For all who were all shouldering me throughout the whole year, what I call the PANDEMIC YEAR of the century, thank YOU! It was the tension, anxiety, worry, trouble, panicking, and draining. It was extremely bad but never failed to witness the presence and shepherding presence of the Lord throughout these most difficult times.

Now we enter another year – 2022. Ringing in this New Year is a cause for celebration for spending time with friends and family, and for looking back. A lot can happen in a year and between the good, the bad, and the ugly, this may seem like an understatement for most. As glasses are raised and fireworks explode into the sky, it’s important to recognize the special symbolism that the New Year brings.

May this year come with lots of laughter and an abundance of blessings. Happy New Year! – and- May all of your wishes come true. Let’s toast to all of the wonderful things ahead of us in this coming year Let us remember, it’s not the destination, but it’s the journey. I hope each and every day of this year is a new adventure filled with great outcomes. Have a blessed New Year.

With lots of love and blessing.

Ever at your service.

—Fr. Sahayanathan Nathan


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