From the Desk of Father Nathan

St Gabriel Catholic Church | Pompano Beach
God Bless You All

A Special Message from Father Nathan

January 24, 2021

A Special Message from Father Nathan

My dearest people who are all close to my heart!

Lots of love and prayers to you all.

I stand before you and thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all that you have been to me and to my family.

Thank you for your kindness, love, support, and above all your valuable prayers. To me, as like all of you, family means a lot to me.

We are united ONLY WITH LOVE. I always feel the LOVE VIBRATION in my family. I feel so BLESSED about my family as I feel with you all.

Your love and support was greatly appreciated. Everyday morning and evening, we prayed the rosary and celebrated the mass that helped us for our healing. In a way, it was and is a witness to the community as well.

The whole family sends their love and gratitude to all of you.  Each and every one of my members were taken aback by your support and your love. It meant an immense amount to us in these most difficult times.  Thank you again.

I am Back at St. Gabriel and Quaratining to Keep Our Parish Family Safe

My dearest family, the ONLY reason I came back right away to the parish squeezing away my so-called holidays is for the launching of this ABCD.  I came back and was quarantining and went for the COVID test which turned to negative. But, out of love and concern for all of you, I will still remain a few more days of quarantine and bounce back to normality.  Thank you for your understanding.

We are the church.

One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity.


Friends, as we know we are all going through an extremely very difficult time. All of us have our own concerns and anxieties and concerns about the future and about our own lives. We are the Church finding new ways to uphold our faith in action. Together, we are the Church: a universal body of believers delivering to all peoples everywhere a faith-filled message of hope and love.

Your commitment to the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive, the ABCD, helps the universal Church, in your name, to serve so many in our communities. The ABCD brings hope to the hopeless, strengthens the faith of the discouraged, and provides charity to those most in need.

We are the Church. Together, as Disciples in Faith and Missionaries of Hope, the Love of Christ urges us on no matter what challenges may come our way.

One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity.


When our faith is tried by the inevitable disappointments and tragedies that this life brings, we must remember that the Lord is faithful to His promises. If the Lord takes us to it, He will bring us through it.

May I request all of you to prayerfully consider supporting the ABCD? Your support, no matter how small and big they are, it’s going to make a huge difference in the life of others.

So let us actively be involved in our faith and prayers.

God bless you all.
With love and blessings,
Ever at your service.


—Fr. Sahayanathan Nathan

A letter from Archbishop Wenski

Dear parishioners,

Our faith is not confined to a physical building: the influence of the Church does not stop at its front door.

Together, We Are the Church.

A universal body of believers, delivering God’s message of hope and love to everyone, everywhere.

Your generosity to the Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive, ABCD, serves the Church so that the Church can serve you.

We Are the Church. Together we can continue the work of Christ, no matter what challenges come our way.

Please join me in making a donation to the ABCD today. Every gift makes a difference.

Thank you and God bless you.

Watch the 2021 ABCD Video


Set up Online Giving.

You can make a one-time donation or set up recurring gifts.


Join our Parish Family

Register in the parish, so that it’s easy to become a confirmation sponsor or Godparent. 


Want to Lend a Helping Hand?

Find volunteer opportunities and share your talents.

Get Help

Need a Helping Hand?

We are here to help.  Request home visits, send a prayer request.  For urgent needs call 954.943.3684

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